Bees can recognize your face.
Pretty neat, huh?
Who's That Dude?

Who are beeple?

We all are or we should be! Beeple are involved in sharing why bees are important. Beeple are spreading the news about the plight of bees in our world and what could happen to all of us if the bees disappear. Beeple simply want bees to keep doing what bees do. Beeple understand that each of us on this planet, every one of us, is better because of bees.

We all hear a lot of gum-flappin’ and see people pointing fingers at bee catastrophe news. Bee stories are a quick way to some likes and some reads, but that’s a cop-out. Beeple want to do all they can to save some bees! That doesn’t mean we all need to keep bees or research Varroa mites or stick bananas in pesticide nozzles! When you see a box like this one on, it’s a call to action that anyone can manage! See it. Read it. Get to it!

We the beeple!

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What we're talking about right now

If you’re still undecided about the importance of bees, just try to wrap your head around these figures.

flowers are pollinated by a single bee colony in a single day
of our favorite foods are chiefly pollinated by Honeybees
$ B
in revenue is generated from these crops each year