Don’t know if you’ve heard, people, but Mead is the future! It’s super easy to make, delicious, endlessly custom, and the more you drink it, the more you love bees! Mead is “honey wine” essentially. You leave yeast in water with honey to eat (a LOT of honey) for a looooong time, and you are rewarded with the greatest gift!

So we beeple are doing it. We’re starting in October and hope to partake of it this December! Yeah, it’s a long process, but it’s foolproof and f*cking delicious! Mead is the future!

Here’s what we need:

Mead Ingredients

  1. 1 gallon of purified drinking water; just so we know we’re clean.
  2. 3 lbs of honey. We’ve got some honey from our local Mesquite flowers which, not surprisingly, has a really strong floral flavor; Super sweet too. Almost smokey somehow. Like a barbecue!
  3. Yeast. I’m trying it with bread yeast. It’s what I have and it should work. If you have a home brew supply near you, try some other yeast. What you’ll get is heartier yeasts that can survive in the mixture longer, belch and fart more alcohol, and make your mead that much more potent! You can achieve upwards of 18% ABV I’ve heard. F*ckin’ turnt!
  4. A scale if you don’t have exactly 3 lbs of honey. We don’t have to be TOO exact, but I can only buy in a 5lb jug…so yeah. If you add more honey, you’ll get closer to that wine level of taste and ABV content. You can’t mess it up! It’s brilliant!
  5. A balloon to create a valve and a pin to poke some holes in it.
  6. Some raisins or small fruity sugary thing. About a handful. This is just some initial sugar for the yeast to eat.

So first!: I need to activate my yeast. There’s directions on your jar or packet for that. A packet of yeast is good for making 5 gallons of mead…give or take so…use as much as your final batch size should call for 1 gallon is 20% of a packet. The more yeast you use, the faster the alcohol will develop, but be careful about this step. Keep it close to the measurements.

Then, pour half the water out into another container. We need room for honey! We’re going to let it ferment in the original 1 gallon jug, because we’re green like that.

Now, measure out your honey. You can do one pound or all 5 pounds if you want… I think 3 is a great medium place.

Shake the bottle until you die…then resurrect yourself.

When it’s all dissolved, add enough water back to bring it up to the original fill. Leave some room for the yeast.

Shake it again, not quite until you die as it’s mostly mixed. We just want to get the yeast all in there.

What you have now is called a “must”. The mixture of water, honey and yeast is called a must, and it is a MUST!

Drop in those raisins!

NOW the yeast are going to eat sugar and barf/poop alcohol! Beautiful little creatures! They also give off a lot of CO2, so we need a valve to let that gas out; a one-way valve. Grab your balloon and poke some tiny holes all over it…maybe like…50 holes? At least? After that, stretch it over the top of the bottle. You can test it to make sure the balloon inflates if you squeeze the bottle gently, but you can hear a hissing sound from the balloon.

mead all finished

This is the end of the prep and the beginning of a long wait.

That’s it for now! You want to store the jug in a cool, dark place. Wrap it in a towel or something as light will sterilize it. Yuck.

We’ll check on the balloon every few days. It should take about 2 weeks to fully ferment and then we’ll pour off the liquid to let it mature. It will taste like paint thinner after two weeks, but should be a beautiful wine after about 6-8 weeks.

Check back later to see how it’s going!

Here’s the sauce on my mead-making process

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