“Who’s that dude? WHO’S THAT DUDE?” What are you, dim?

Anyway, That’s Claude Monet, the French Impressionist and he had something in common with honey bees. His eyesight.

Monet painted his view of the world with light and color. The artist Paul Cézanne once said “…but what an eye Monet has. And in his later years, after cataract surgery, Monet had a very unique eye indeed—his right one. At age 82, removal of the cataract and lens in his right eye, made it possible to see colors in the UV spectrum not visible in the normal human color spectrum. In fact, the colors were so vibrant Monet called them “quite terrifying” and was fitted with tinted spectacles that filtered out the UV rays. Bees can see UV light and use their vision to identify flowers with unique UV patterns on them. Monet’s paintings during those years shifted to include more vibrant blues and purples.

Yep, we believe Monet was a Beeple. Read more about Claude’s superpower here.

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