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People Sing About Going Up On The Roof. Bees Are Positively Buzzing About It.

When did this happen? Where were we? Faster than you can say, “No more hive beetles!” people around the world started creating enormous green spaces on roof tops for bee keeping and honey agriculture. Here are three articles that have something to say about urban rooftop beekeeping. Climb on up there with us and take a look. The view is inspiring.

Hilary Kearney, founder ‘Girl Next Door Honey’ in San Diego, California shares her experience and insight in this article.

National Geographic published this article back on May 28, 2014. It shows that the roof top trend has been around longer than we realized.

CNN travel published this article on May 15, 2017 about five luxury hotels that were all a­buzz about bees on the their roof.

There are probably thousands of articles on the web about the why do and how to of keeping bees up high, closer to the sky. Start with these and, then, send us the one you write. We would like to read it and maybe post it.

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